Implementation & Integration

Rubber, Meet Road

Holistic Project Lifecycle Optimization

Streamlining your project from inception to delivery for maximized efficiency, engagement, and value-driven results


Setting the Focus

We'll guide interactive sessions, informed by a profound grasp of organizational dynamics, to assist you in establishing a common perspective on your company's key priorities, subsequently transforming this shared insight into an actionable strategy.


Fostering Stakeholder Commitment

We believe engaged stakeholders are instrumental in driving meaningful project outcomes. Our expertise lies in identifying and involving the most pertinent stakeholders by comprehending the elements that influence their engagement, thereby cultivating a shared vision and collective ownership.

Craft a Work Inventory

We craft a concrete, prioritized, and estimated catalog of value-driven tasks, which serves as more than just a collection of ideas. It's a meticulously agreed-upon, well-structured roadmap towards crafting substantial results.


Innovate & Construct

In a rapidly evolving tech landscape, where security, privacy, and disaster recovery remain paramount, we'll collaborate with you to craft a roadmap that ensures a secure and rewarding return on your technology investments, safeguarding your business throughout the process.


Test & Train

In a complex tech environment, continuous testing is essential. We'll automate new feature testing and conduct integrated system regression testing. Additionally, we create custom end-user training and deliver it remotely or in person as needed.


Deliver Valuable, Working Technology

The concept of delivering value is sometimes misinterpreted as providing software for enhanced job efficiency within 6-12 months. We prioritize frequent value delivery in 2-week increments to boost stakeholder engagement and accommodate any evolving project priorities with flexibility.

project planning sheet



We'll spend time with you to understand your priorities. Then, should we agree that we're in a position to help you, we'll provide an level of effort, timeline and cost estimate.

Consulting Services



We're only as good as our team - we'll create a working agreement, then work together to create a detailed backlog of estimated, prioritized work.




We'll use our detailed backlog of work to begin designing, building and testing the highest priority work items on day 1. We'll deliver working software on day 10.