Change Management

Inspired by Agile Principles


What's important to your business is often understood differently by your colleagues. We'll help facilitate sessions governed by a deep understanding of organizational behavior to help you create a shared understanding of your organizations priorities, then turn the shared understanding into an actionable plan.

Stakeholder Engagement

Engaged stakeholders produce relevant project results. We help identify and engage the right stakeholders by understanding the factors impacting the nature and quality of how your stakeholders participate to create shared vision and ownership.

Backlog of Work

Tangible, prioritized, estimated increments of value against which work will be performed. This is not a couple of whiteboards, this is an agreed-upon, structured path to creating something meaningful.


Technology is moving at a breath-taking pace. Security, privacy and disaster recovery are still relevant, and critically important. We'll help you build a blueprint for getting a return on your rapidly evolving technology investment without putting your business at risk.

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Change Management

The necessity to quickly react to organizational, technology and market changes survives your project. We'll help create a plan to manage and quickly adapt to change by accelerating stakeholder decision making and creating a framework for continuous value delivery.

project planning sheet



We'll spend time with you to understand your priorities. Then, should we agree that we're in a position to help you, we'll provide a level of effort, timeline and cost estimate.

Consulting Services



We're only as good as our team - we'll create a working agreement, then work together to create a detailed backlog of estimated, prioritized work.




We'll use our detailed backlog of work to begin designing, building and testing the highest priority work items on day 1. We'll deliver working software on day 10.